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Some of us deal with autism through someone we know. It is a much more personal when it is a family member that we live under the same roof with. The 2016 Los Angeles Autism Awareness Week elaborates on the three things people with autism need.


The day-to-day routine must be a challenge for people who have ASD and those who take care of them, and they have to deal with discrimination from the outside world, too. However, they must not get affected with what others think. They should focus on how they are going to make the life of a loved one better.


Three Things People With Autism Need:




People with autism deal with an issue inside them and the last thing they need are factors which could add to their burden like the criticism from people. They need a safe environment where they can be themselves freely. There are schools and institutions which understand ASD. It is the safest place for them to avoid people who are uneducated about their condition.




People with autism need to be surrounded with individuals who can make them feel loved and accepted. Autism is a complicated mental illness, and it is important that they only deal with the people who understand their condition.




Most people see autism as a condition that limits what people with it can do. Given that this is true, somehow they just have a different way to do things that most of us do. They need the feeling of competence that they somehow are capable of improvement. We should not determine what they can do based on their condition.


Source: pixabay.xom


The 2016 Los Angeles Autism Awareness Week aims to make people understand the need of people with autism, that more than an illness, it is a situation that requires a different approach. People need to realize that being unique is not a sign of inferiority. It merely means they necessitate something which is, after all, easy to give if we truly understand the situation.