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Online therapy is a non traditional therapy that parents with autistic children should consider. Online therapy isn’t common but could be for the kid. What are the benefits of online therapy?

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Experiencing Mental Health Conditions

Living with mental health conditions is tougher than most people can ever fathom. I would know because I had been surrounded by loved ones who suffered from various mental health conditions that made them require traditional therapy.

The first one I encountered was my big brother. He was on the autism spectrum and had licensed clinical social workers around him all the time. My memory was of him crying – no, wailing – loudly in the house because Mom tried to hug him. I learned early from the licensed clinical social workers not to make physical contact with my brother unless he opened his arms without prompting.

The second one was my best friend. She did not manifest any symptoms of mental health conditions in the beginning that the licensed clinical social workers talked to me about. In truth, she was one of the smartest pupils in our school. However, it turned out that my best friend had Asperger’s syndrome – another form of autism that made it challenging for her to recognize emotions. While other kids made fun of her as she needed medication management services, I stood beside her and sometimes even fought the bullies for her (without the clinical social workers knowing, of course).

Then, I had a roommate in college with eating disorders. The initial red flag was that she would order buckets of fries and at least a dozen burgers from McDonald’s, and then she would disappear in the bathroom for hours. I only found out when I caught her trying to purge. Still, I did not judge her.

Calling Versus Online Therapy

Due to such situations that I found myself in, I thought that being a mental health professional and providing medication management services to people with mental disorders was my calling. I thought long and hard about what I could do in my life, considering I knew I did not want to lose time for my big brother. After some time, a brilliant idea crossed my mind: online therapy.

I was already a licensed psychiatrist when I thought of it so I could prescribe medication. I technically had two years of professional experience at the time, but I knew that my heart was not in it. But since I still wanted to help people get affordable online therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, virtual therapy, and other mental health benefits out of an online platform, I began taking lessons for online therapy and even earned online counseling certifications.

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Best virtual therapy service?

BetterHelp is among the top online therapy platforms that offer affordable online therapy providers and mental health services.

Can I talk to a counselor online?

Yes, you can do virtual therapy on online therapy sites for free. There are online therapy platforms like 7 cups of tea that offer online therapy service at zero online therapy cost, knowing that some people who need online therapy provider or mental health counselors do not have extra bucks to spare.

How effective is online therapy? Does online therapy work?

Online therapy providers are practically as good as licensed therapist who perform in office therapy, face to face therapy, or in person therapy. The online therapy differs insignificantly as online therapy session or online therapy process allows people to talk or chat with the best online therapy services expert whenever they need mental health resources, exposure therapy, online cognitive behavioral therapy experience the need for mental health services. This fact has been proven in a 2018 study.

The caveat is that a limited number of mental health services can be offered during online therapy service, even by a licensed mental health professional. The online therapy reviews say the online therapy companies have therapists specialize mainly in providing emotional support for anxiety and mood disorders (e.g., anxiety, depression, phobia, minor eating disorders, etc.). If you have a borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia, bipoloar disorder, severe eating disorders, or other illnesses that require medication management, a licensed therapist in online therapy platforms may not be suitable for you as they cannot prescribe medication.

How do I become an online therapist?

All online counseling pros go through the same training from best online therapy programs, whether they choose to offer online therapy services or not. You need to start by getting a master’s degree in counseling. After that, you should do an internship to gain some experience in the field as a mental health professional. It’s only when you complete your hours as an intern that you can apply for a counseling license and then decide to give online therapy session for mental health care.

Considering you want to remain an online counselor, updating your knowledge on mental health care regularly is a must. That’s especially true since we often see mental health advancements in online therapy program, online counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and all therapy services in general.

How much do online therapists make? 

Online therapists charge approximately $30 per hour of therapy session on online therapy programs or online therapy platforms like BetterHelp. Though this therapy cost is considerably lower than what face to face therapy experts and other mental health professionals get from giving mental health support through counseling sessions, this rate is still higher than what many virtual mental health professionals get.

Talkspace or BetterHelp? 

It depends on the medium of therapy that you prefer to use. In case you only want to chat with mental health professionals and remain anonymous online, you may think that Talkspace is one of the best online therapy platforms. However, if you wish to see your counselor through a video call, BetterHelp is one of the best online therapy platforms.

Is BetterHelp worth it? 

Yes, BetterHelp is worth the money. Not only does it extend the convenience of getting help without leaving your room, but it also offers a high level of anonymity that you cannot guarantee to obtain when you walk into a counseling facility.

Is Talkspace or BetterHelp cheaper? 

Talkspace is cheaper than BetterHelp by at least $10. The reason is that the former offers fewer media of counseling than the latter.

Can you cancel BetterHelp at any time? 

Yes, you are free to cancel BetterHelp at any time. The online counseling platform does not bind you in any contract that will prevent you from leaving whenever you wish to.

If you want to discontinue, can I get my money back from BetterHelp? 

Yes, you can technically get your money back from BetterHelp, provided that their team has investigated your issue with their services and deemed you worthy of getting a partial or full refund. You may send an email to them for further assistance.

How do I request a new counselor, BetterHelp? 

Assuming you have already picked the online platform and want to change your licensed marriage and family therapists or switch therapists for affordable online therapy, you can open your profile and click the Change Counselor button. Doing so will show you up to six profiles of different mental health professionals, complete with their availability. If none of them works, you may click Find a Therapist again to switch therapists for virtual therapy.

Can BetterHelp write prescriptions? 

No, BetterHelp’s mental health services cannot prescribe medication for you – the online therapy platform can only provide best online therapy services. Despite that, BetterHelp partners with Brightside, which dispatches licensed marriage and family therapists, licensed professional therapists, or family therapists who offer mental health services remotely and can prescribe medication.


What raises dopamine naturally? 

Your lifestyle choices affect your body’s dopamine production more than anything. Practically speaking, doing too much of anything may be exhilarating at first, but it can make you feel blue later. You need to look for a balance in your activities to elevate your dopamine level naturally.

Can an online therapist write prescriptions? 

Not exactly, especially if the therapist only has certifications to provide therapy. But in case the therapist is also a psychiatrist, they can do that.

Can BetterHelp diagnose you online?

Unfortunately, no, BetterHelp cannot diagnose mental health conditions or prescribe mental health medication their clients. Most counselors and therapists are licensed marriage and family therapists, family therapists, or licensed professional therapists, but online therapy companies cannot offer a diagnosis without in person therapy session.

Does health insurance cover online therapy?

Not all the time. You’ll have to discuss health insurance portability with your insurance company.

Therapy Online Conclusion

The challenge that I did not see coming after getting certified as a licensed therapist was figuring out which online therapy platform to use. Setting up a website for myself was out of the question, considering I did not have the time and money to do that. I did not want to offer online therapy full-time and in person or traditional therapy either, given that that would consume too much of my time. Luckily, I eventually found one that could protect my future clients and me from digital crime. The bonus was that I could continue looking after my big brother, who had mental health conditions of his own.