The hosts of the 2017 Colorado Springs Conference achieved success in the collaboration of ideas and insights about volunteerism and non-profit leadership. There were more than 500 participants of the event who went to impart some pertinent knowledge about the main topics, and others who were there simply to watch and learn. The breakout sessions were excellent, all of which were especially helpful to the participants who wanted to know more about what is volunteerism and why it’s right for you.

It Forms A Connection To Others. A common benefit of volunteering is its effect on communities. When you volunteer, you have an opportunity to bond with other members of your community and find ways to make it better for all of you. Even if you are helping with some minor tasks, you are still making a significant difference in the lives around you. Additionally, being a volunteer also benefits you and your family in that it helps practice commitment, make new friends, and improve social skills.

It Is Healthy For The Body And Mind. Socialization as a result of volunteering has beneficial effects on one’s mental and physical well-being. Stress levels are significantly reduced when you have a pleasant conversation or connection with others. Taking care of pets, for example, improves your mood and decreases your anxiety. Through regularly connecting with others, you also get to establish a support system that may help you get out of a depressing situation or emotion.

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It Brings Happiness And Achievement In One’s Life. Being a volunteer is a convenient and beautiful means of discovering what you want to have and be. Volunteerism is relaxing and energizing as well. It can be a good escape from family obligations and day to day chores. It also offers an opportunity to be motivated, creative, and better at life – whatever and wherever it might lead you.